watch both their faces go from “courteous TV smile” to “not paid enough for this bullshit”

How can emptiness be so heavy?
Six Word Story  (via naughty-illusions)


Whatever you say

A messy place

vegan coconut milk ice cream with pistachio crumb and blueberries.

Word on the Street
Here I am trying to live, or rather, I am trying to teach the death within me how to live.
Jean Cocteau (via whyallcaps)



‎The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.
Bob Marley  (via jamourmaira)
I swear to god I don’t understand why any bottle of wine under $10 still has a cork instead of just being a screw top. Like you must have a fundamental misunderstanding of the people who are buying your wine if you think that any of us spending like five bucks on a bottle have any illusions left over being classy about this shit. Like screw bottles even, put that shit in a pouch, slap a straw on the side, we’ll drink it like a capris fuckin’ sun, we don’t care.
commentary on important issues by Ros (via bisexualstilinski)